Build - Operate - Transfer Model
We help IT and Games companies to extend their engineering team in Ukraine with BOT model.
Build - Operate - Transfer Model
About Us
Oleg and Anton studied together Mathematics and IT at the University of Jyväskylä. Oleg lives in Helsinki and Anton returned to Kyiv. Together we have organised already 3 IT and Games Job Fairs in Kyiv for leading games and IT studios from Finland.

We understand and share Finnish way of working and business culture.
Oleg Paliy
Co-Founder at Games Factory Talents
I have software development and technology background from Nokia, focusing on managing complex mobile R&D development projects that became part of the Nokia S60 and Windows Phone Mobile devices.

Today I head a small, but very agile tech talent agency Games Factory Talents in Helsinki. We work with all the major games studios from Finland and help them to find top tech talents from Ukraine, Russia and Baltics.

I have both technology and business higher educations from Finland.
Anton Naumov
Co-Founder at Syndicode
Entrepreneur, consultant with 15+ years of experience in software engineering. Holding Ph.D. degree and breathing by technology. Guess my hobby!

Specialties: software development project management, web-based collaboration environments, semantic web standards and technologies, semantics-based access control, multi-agent systems, Ruby on Rails, Java and PHP programming, SharePoint, RDBMSs, other